Taking Summer Into The School Year

I love summer. Longer days, lots of sunshine, lighter clothes, brighter colours. Everything seems easier to me in the summer. I have more energy, I need less sleep, and I seem to have a more relaxed attitude to pretty much everything. I feel more spontaneous, and well, just more fun.


But the eternal student in me also loves the fall, and the beginning of a school year.  September feels like more of a new year to me than January 1st. Fresh starts, fresh notebooks, new experiences. This year, more than ever though, I’m realizing that I could really benefit from taking my summer attitude into the school year with me. And I’m sure my husband and kids could benefit too.


So, I’ve come up with three things that I can do to mix a little summer into my back-to-school mindset.


Stay Open And Adventurous


There’s less structure in our household in the summer. My workload changes, the kids have fewer activities, and we have extra long weekends. As a result, I do more things on a whim, say yes more, and make more last-minute plans. This year, come fall, I’m determined not to get bogged down by our schedules. I might not be able to do half or full-day excursions with the kids like we can do in the summer, but we can have spontaneous playdates or dinner parties, I can throw our meal plan out the window every so often, and I can embrace new adventures with the kids.


Be Outside As Much As Possible


I love the outdoors. And so do my kids. We’re all happiest when we’re out of the house, in the backyard, the park, in nature, or doing something active. A simple bike ride around the neighbourhood is our family go-to for antsy kids, sibling fighting, or general summer lethargy. This fall, I’m resolving to take every opportunity to get outside. Fresh air and activity are good for the body but are just as important for the mind.


Take Things Less Seriously


I think everyone has a more laissez-faire attitude in the summer. I know that I’m more relaxed in most situations, whether it’s driving in the city, worrying about being on time for things, or simply getting the laundry done. Yet everything that needs to be done gets done. So, this September I’m still going to pick my kids up on time, see my clients, file my articles, take care of the house etc etc. I’m just aiming to keep this relaxed summer attitude, to not worry about silly stuff, and to take everything a little less seriously.



Who’s with me? Is there anything from your summer mindset that you’re taking with you into fall?

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