Monday Meditation: Renewal

Although Spring has officially started here in Ontario, the weather is a little late to the game. But there is the promise of warmer temperatures in the air, and the longer days and more frequent sunshine are pleasant reminders of Spring’s arrival. At this time of year, I always feel a surge of energy, a sense of renewal. It’s instinctual.


I get the urge to spring clean the house, to get rid of all the clutter that has built up over the winter months and give our house a little makeover from the inside. I notice the desire to eat lighter foods – more salads and fresh, raw veggies – and less of the casseroles and thick soups of winter. Creatively, I am full of ideas and thoughts that have surfaced after simmering quietly in my mind during the early months of the year. And despite being a winter runner, running at this time of year offers a new sense of freedom, and I find an extra spring in my step (without having to navigate icy sidewalks or snowy streets).


Generally, Spring feels more like a fresh start to me than the ringing in of the new year.


This week I’ll be looking at the four corners of my life – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional – and asking myself where I need to focus my energies the most this Spring. Just as a garden needs nurturing in different ways as the seasons change, so do our bodies and minds. Are there any areas of your life that need a little renewal? This might just be the perfect time of year for it.


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