Monday Meditation: Embrace

Last week’s meditation was focused on letting go, on releasing habits, behaviours or thought patterns that no longer serve us. Today, as we start our fresh Monday slate, let’s meditate on the word embrace.


It is easy to embrace the parts of life we love, the foods we like to eat, the people we are happiest being around, the activities we enjoy doing. But what about the parts of life that are necessary to our daily living yet don’t make our hearts sing? The minutiae. Like taking out the garbage, emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry (I have written before about my laundry mantra). Or the behaviours or habits of others that irritate us? (Looking at you, dear husband, who cuts his sandwiches on the counter.) Or the parts of ourselves we are always so quick to judge ourselves on? (Looking at me and my competitive nature.)


What would happen if we embraced all of these things happily, and accepted them as part of the larger fabric of our lives. What if each of our daily movements became a lesson, a celebration of sorts, or an opportunity to shift our mindset? What could we let in?


Could embracing a different attitude open our views of ourselves and the world a little wider? It could be as simple as embracing patience on our daily commute and letting that person into the traffic jam ahead of us. Or embracing the idea of trying things we haven’t done before, and perhaps discovering a new favourite form of exercise.


The possibilities are endless if we’re willing to be open to them, embrace them. What can you embrace this week?

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