“If stuck, move.” 


It’s a simple concept and may seem completely obvious, but there have been many times that I’ve been stuck in a rut (or an emotional state) and haven’t been able to see a way out of it.


On days when I have writer’s block, feel overwhelmed with to-do lists or exhausted from a night of broken sleep, when the first instinct I have is to go straight back to bed, the only thing to do is move. Whether it’s rolling out my yoga mat to do a few sun salutations, or slipping on my running shoes for a walk or a jog, the sheer act of moving my body kickstarts my mind.


When my kids are getting at each other or going stir crazy inside the house, we change the dynamic by getting outdoors and being active.


Movement propels us forward physically, but also mentally. Regardless of how we’re moving, we’re creating fresh energy and changing our situation. It is and always will be my best “way out.”


What’s your best way to get out of feeling stuck?






Thanks so much for stopping by to check out Annabel Fitzsimmons – Whole Living.


This labour of love has been a long time in the making. A huge thank you to ChickleDesign for their amazing work (and patience).


This new and improved site came about after I realized that I was carrying five business cards and running three different sites covering the range of stuff I do in my “life work”. So I spent the last year figuring out how everything could sit in one place. What became clear along the way is that everything I do has a similar intention: to share resources to empower people to live healthy, fulfilled and whole lives. It might be through a physical path (like yoga, Pilates, or running); a mental path (like meditation, reading or creative writing); or simply through finding humour in everyday life situations.

So, why the name, “whole living”? When we look at our lives as a whole, they are the sum of many parts, of many roles. All of these parts in equal or unequal terms make us the complex and fantastic people we are. We should never be defined – or define ourselves – by one aspect of our lives. Instead, knowing how these parts of us fit together at any given time allows us to celebrate what works and makes us content, or when to make a change if something needs changing. To me, this is whole living, or living with awareness.


Whole living is about constantly recalibrating life to include the things, people and activities that are important. It is about knowing what works for you, your family, your relationships, your career, and for your physical, mental and emotional self. Life is full of contradictions, of glorious extremes. But what is important at the end of the day is looking at life as a whole, as a big picture.


This site will be a landing pad of information that can contribute to healthy, happy and whole living. You’ll find yoga information and podcasts, meditations for adults, bedtime meditation for kids, health and wellness articles, and news on my classes, workshops, retreats or speaking engagements.


Some days you’ll find yoga tips or sequences here on the blog, some days you’ll find a parenting story, some days you’ll hear about my latest food fad and sometimes I’ll be sharing links to stories or articles I think might be of interest to you.


I hope you’ll take a look around – whether it’s to develop a practice, to have a read, or to take a listen. I look forward to a sharing a whole lot of living with you.