It’s been a while since I’ve written a Monday meditation, and I’ve missed the act of writing them down, of sitting with the words as they take shape.


This week’s meditation is on perception, and the way we allow ourselves to view the world. We are provided with opportunities daily to make judgments on situations, to assign labels to people or relationships, to have an opinion on the actions or beliefs of others. It is human nature to react from our personal viewpoint, from our current life circumstances, which are simply a culmination of our past experiences.



As I try to impart to my kids, it’s important to recognize that every situation we are involved in, whether good, bad, or somewhere in between, is being seen by us through our own lens. Sometimes the lens can be a little blurry (whether clouded by emotions, bias, or simply the circumstances of the day), and sometimes it can be crystal clear (when we can be as objective as human nature allows).


When we’re conscious that the world around us is viewed through more than just our own lens, it can broaden our perspective on life and our daily events.


This week, when you’re challenged by something, or are finding it hard to put a situation into perspective, take some time to meditate on what lens you’re looking through. If you imagine seeing the events through a different lens, does it shift your thinking?


Happy meditating!

Gratitude. There are always aspects of our lives to be thankful for. Being grateful can shift our moods, change our interactions with others, and give us an important perspective on our lives.


Take two minutes to complete this exercise on gratitude and see how it affects you.


Grab a blank piece of paper or turn to a fresh page of a notebook. For the next two minutes, write down everything in your life that you have to be thankful for.


Observe how you feel afterwards. Could you write more?


Bringing awareness to all that we are grateful for is a powerful tool in maintaining a balanced approach to life.


For more tips on balance, check out the #21DaysToBalance initiative.