Running tag

My yoga and Pilates clients inspire me daily. I am lucky enough to work with a wide variety of students. From 8-year-olds to 80-year-olds, my teaching practice offers me insight into many ages and stages of life.



The one theme that has surfaced repeatedly in the past few weeks is how vital a functioning, moving body is to our overall health. I’m sure many of you can relate to a time when you’ve been really sick or injured, and your daily routine has had to change dramatically. And then, when you recover, when you’re back to your regular schedule, you feel so utterly thankful and appreciative of what it feels like to be healthy and to move with ease.


Why is it so easy to ignore the gift of health and celebrate our ability to move our bodies until we are challenged by something that threatens these abilities? Many of us take our bodies for granted until we are faced with a stark reminder that the body is fallible and will not always work in the ways we need it to.


This week, I encourage you to spend some time being aware of and thankful for the different ways you use your body. For the ability to walk, to jump, to play tag with your children. For the ability to open a door for someone else, to carry your groceries, to strike a yoga pose.


Our bodies do so much for us. Let’s do all we can to appreciate them.


Happy moving!

“If stuck, move.” 


It’s a simple concept and may seem completely obvious, but there have been many times that I’ve been stuck in a rut (or an emotional state) and haven’t been able to see a way out of it.


On days when I have writer’s block, feel overwhelmed with to-do lists or exhausted from a night of broken sleep, when the first instinct I have is to go straight back to bed, the only thing to do is move. Whether it’s rolling out my yoga mat to do a few sun salutations, or slipping on my running shoes for a walk or a jog, the sheer act of moving my body kickstarts my mind.


When my kids are getting at each other or going stir crazy inside the house, we change the dynamic by getting outdoors and being active.


Movement propels us forward physically, but also mentally. Regardless of how we’re moving, we’re creating fresh energy and changing our situation. It is and always will be my best “way out.”


What’s your best way to get out of feeling stuck?