Monday Meditation: Hope

Many years ago I was in a heated debate with a friend of mine about the deeper meaning of life, religion, and why humanity continues to endure, despite the many tragedies and roadblocks that befall us. At one point, I asked him what got him out of bed in the morning and he half-jokingly said, “my alarm clock.” We laughed. When he asked me, my answer was “hope.”


The kind of hope that each day holds fresh promise, opportunities to make a difference, the hope that – even in the face of challenging times – there is always a greater good. Hope that doesn’t involve naivete or delusion, but a basic belief in life and humanity.


This week, given the events that have taken over the news, and with the advent of the holiday season, I am making the Monday meditation about hope, and the role it plays in our lives.


Hope can mean to expect, to trust, to anticipate, to wish, to look forward to, to desire. But how does it resonate with you today, this week? What image or images comes to mind when you say the word “hope”?


I have many hopes today, but I will share this one: I hope that everyone is able to find peace in their hearts this holiday season.

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