Where Is Your Attention?


“Where attention goes, energy flows.”


I heard this phrase in a yoga class many years ago, and every once in a while I am reminded of it, or – as the case may be – need to remind myself of it. This week’s Monday meditation is about where we are putting our attention.


We can’t give our attention to all things at all times. Which, if you’re like me, can be supremely frustrating! There are always going to be certain aspects of our lives that we are unable to focus on at any given time.


Because of this, we must decide, and reassess on a continual basis, what our priorities are.


This week, take some time to meditate on where you are putting your mental, physical and emotional attention. And what type of attention is it? Is it positive, or is it negative? Is it moving you forward? Are you placing your attention on the things that truly matter to you, or do need to shift your focus to do just that?


When we become clear about where we want or need to focus our energies, it’s remarkable how the universe seems to step in and support us.

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