Take the ClearSpace Challenge!



Do you clear space in your life for the things that make you happy and fulfilled, that make you feel whole?


The ClearSpace challenge encourages you to put aside 20 minutes a day for yourself – yes, just for YOU – to clear space for the activities that support your definition of whole living.


How do I ClearSpace?


Block off 20 minutes of your time. Turn off your smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Take this time to do something that makes you happy – something mindful, physical or soulful. 

It should be a period of time where no-one needs you for anything. You are checking out from the rest of the world in order to check in with yourself. 

Experience a solo venture (like a yoga class) or take a long, luxurious bubble bath. Clear space in whichever way you choose. If you need a little help, why not try a yoga or meditation podcast?


Why ClearSpace?


From artists to lawyers,  stay-at-home mums to CEOs, we all seek ways to find quality time for ourselves and to cultivate contentment in our daily lives. So what stops us from living wholly?

Many things: careers, relationships, friendships, family, kids, and various other commitments. The days can fly by without us consciously putting time aside for ourselves – time to stop, to think, to be.


The beauty of the ClearSpace Challenge is that it doesn’t involve props, gym memberships or fancy equipment. It simply involves you. And you can clear space for yourself anytime. Anywhere.


By making time purely for you, you can define and re-define what whole living means. 
It’s not a state of living that you achieve only on an ideal day in the future. It is a constantly shifting arrangement of your life activities that changes according to your day-to-day circumstances. It is not a specific formula that calls for equal parts work/life/play. And your idea of whole living may be very different from your work colleague, your family or your best friend. It’s as personal and unique as your fingerprint.


You might use your time to workout or you might take 20 minutes of silence to just sit and think. The beauty of clearing space for yourself is you can do whatever it is that you need each day.


So, what are you waiting for?