Annabel Fitzsimmons


Annabel is a yoga, Pilates, and meditation teacher; freelance writer; playwright; author; health and wellness speaker; serial entrepreneur; recreational runner and triathlete; and an alumni lululemon ambassador. She is also – and more importantly – a mum to two fun-tastic kids.


After realizing she was carrying five different business cards that each reflected just a part of what she does, she took a long look at the various sites, projects and clients she was working with. It became clear that all the pieces fit together to reflect her main passions: writing; teaching; health; fitness; wellbeing, and helping people make time for the things that make them happy.


That is how Annabel Fitzsimmons – Whole Living was born. Some days she will share information about lifestyle, health, yoga, awareness, fitness, the body, meditation and relaxation. Other days she will write about relationships, being a mother, or a self-employed entrepreneur. And sometimes she will share or write about all of the above and more. By combining her lifelong love of words with her enthusiasm for yoga and wellness, she hopes to inspire people to practice healthy and whole living.


whole living = bringing awareness to life